WarDucks is an all-star development studio known for developing top-notch games that push technical boundaries.
After developing six best-selling VR titles, we are now working on an exciting genre-defining mobile title, a world-spanning location-based AR game like no other.

WarDucks has been busy developing a superior mapping solution to create beautiful, performance-optimized virtual worlds for mobile devices using real-world geographical locations. This groundbreaking mapping software will be available to license by other developers in the future.
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But first things first: Our mega experienced team is building a new kind of gaming experience, a showcase genre-defining game for mobile platforms. Join our Discord community here to follow all updates and early access.

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Top-Selling Category

RollerCoaster Legends II: Thor’s Hammer

The top-selling rollercoaster on PlayStation VR returns in RollerCoaster Legends II, this time with true interactivity! Take a chilling and thrilling ride through Norse mythology: travel to Asgard on the rainbow bridge, hurtle down into Helheim, home of the dead, and barrel through the blizzards of Niflheim on a high-speed chase after Loki, who’s stolen Thor’s hammer.

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Rollercoaster Legends

#2 EU


#10 US

Top-selling title on Gear VR and Oculus Go

RollerCoaster Legends

The first rollercoaster game approved for PlayStation VR is also the greatest rollercoaster game ever! Zip around twisting spirals and down daring drops while sitting on your couch, transported to a land of Greek mythology and adventure: visit the Temple of Poseidon, the River Styx, the Palace of Hades, and confront the dreaded Minotaur—all in virtual reality!

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Sneaky Bears

Most-Popular Category

Sneaky Bears

It’s a VR shooter masterpiece cute enough to die for! Frank, a twisted teddy bear mastermind, has taken over a toy factory and created an army of evil teddy bears bent on world domination! Frank is sarcastic, cunning, and ruthless, and so are the evil bears he throws at you almost as fast as you can shoot them down. They may be adorable, but they’re anything but cuddly!

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Sneaky Bears Roller Coaster

Top-Selling Category

Sneaky Bears Roller Coaster

The Sneaky Bears are back to take you on an epically zany VR rollercoaster ride that has something for everybody! The trip through Frank’s Factory may be less of a heart-attack than the frantic flights of the Legends series but it’s way more surreal, and even the adrenaline fiends will revel in an experience that’s totally insane. 

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  • All in all, [Sneaky Bears is] one of the best wave-based shooters on PSVR and definitely worth a look!
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    The Sixth Axis
  • At its core, Sneaky Bears VR is a wave-based shooter, but that doesn’t account for the excellent writing and genuinely funny premise!
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    Gaming Trend
  • I enjoyed the minutes it took to play through [Sneaky Bears RollerCoaster] and this is now at the top my list of quick VR apps to show off to friends and family!
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    The VR Grid
  • I am happy to say that going on Warducks’s RollerCoaster Legends for the PlayStation VR was a treat in itself that I will be happy to ride through again.
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    The PlayStation Brahs
  • All these environments are simply amazing. The graphics are very well made and you can also really feel the Greek theme in everything.
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    The Ghost Howls
  • [RollerCoaster Legends II: Thor's Hammer is] a rush much like one would feel after having just stepped off an actual coaster.  
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    Play PSVR
  • The sheer scale of the world and the creativity of the sights you encounter kept me impressed throughout [RollerCoaster Legends II: Thor's Hammer].
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    Use A Potion