WarDucks raises $3.8 million to expand studio and create location-based AR game

WarDucks is delighted to announce we have raised $3.8 million in funding to launch a location-based augmented reality game.

We have tapped Doom and Quake creator John Romero for help with game design. Romero will serve as a Creative Consultant, advising on our location-based AR game. We have also hired Doug Kaufman (who worked on Civilization II and Frontierville) as Lead Designer, and Lawrence Schick (The Elder Scrolls Online and who wrote the classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure White Plume Mountain) as Narrative Lead.

“There’s a huge opportunity in AR location-based mobile gaming, which combines the local appeal of real-world maps with engaging gameplay,” said Nikki Lannen, CEO, and founder of WarDucks.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with EQT Ventures as we race towards the launch of our location-based AR game as the team’s extensive mobile gaming experience will be invaluable on the next phase of our journey. The fact that we’ve also had so many top gaming executives from around the world join our team is a testament to the talent and vision of the team we’ve currently got in place.”

The funding will help drive the development of WarDucks’ new location-based AR game and expand our development team.

WarDucks is the latest investment to be discovered by AI platform Motherbrain. The proprietary platform, which EQT Ventures uses, digests data to identify and proactively contact promising start-ups.