Onryo – Hero Reveal

The time has finally arrived to reveal our next Hero… Onryō!

This information is from a working build; abilities, names, and visuals are all subject to change before launch.

Onryō’s menu idle animation.

Not much is known about Takanashi “Onryō” Gou, other than by his fearsome reputation. He has been wandering the world in the later years of the ongoing Kaiju war, seeming to be single-mindedly focused on the destruction of the Kaijin.

The records show him in the Japanese Self Defence Force for many years and only leaving after a dishonorable discharge. After that he served as muscle for hire by anyone who would take him; it seemed that the client mattered little to him so long as the pay was good. However, in 2019 he was reported dead from an incident aboard the yacht of one of his clients following a shootout which resulted in an explosion, and the loss of all souls aboard.

And yet… somehow that was not the end for Takanashi. A mysterious stranger bearing the name Onryō appeared shortly after the comet came in 2023 when the Kaiju wiped out several major cities across the world. It wasn’t until the chaos had settled slightly that anyone made the connection of these two individuals. An ‘interested party’ confirmed his identity using what Interpol records could be salvaged following the first wave of attacks. Somehow Takanashi has returned from the grave bearing the name “Onryō” named after the spirit of vengeance to exact his revenge on the Kaiju and Kaijin.

What exactly happened to Takanashi? You’ll have to play Project Athena and recruit him to find out more!

Onryō is a Legendary rarity Hero who excels at leading soldier troops into battle. Particularly when leading a squad composed entirely of soldier troops. He also provides passive benefits to battlefield mobility, as well as to hunting Kaijin and Kaiju units.

Active Ability

Onryō’s active ability Curse of the Onryō. When activated, Onryo fires a deadly blast from his weapon which deals direct damage to the target and decreases their movement speed for a short time. This ability also increases the damage dealt by troops under his command for a short time.

Passive Abilities

Onryō’s first passive ability is Burning Hatred. Any troops led by Onryō have increased movement speed. Additionally, any soldier troops under his command receive a bonus to attack.

His second passive ability is Vengeance. Vengeance provides troops with a massive percentage bonus to damage against Kaiju or Kaijin units.

Onryō’s final passive ability is Killer Instinct. This skill activates only when Onryō’s squad is composed entirely of soldier troops. When active, this skill grants a small percentage chance for a proc of additional damage on every attack.

Expertise Ability

Finally, his Expertise ability, Spirit of Yotsua increases the duration of the Curse of the Onryō’s troop buff substantially.

We hope you are looking forward to getting your hands on Onryō as much as we are! And be sure to come back in the next few days for more information on Onryō, how his concept evolved, and how we brought him to life!

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