Eir – Hero Reveal

Introducing the Epic Tank, Eir!

We’re excited to give you a first sneak peek at Athena’s newest hero, as well as her skills and abilities.

As always please keep in mind this is all from a working build, abilities, names, and visuals are subject to change before launch.

Hilde “Eir” Tordatter takes to the field using her dual axes to protect her people.


Hilde Tordatter was a spirited spitfire of a girl, native of Oslo Norway, born and raised there with her family before the Kaiju War brought everything to a halt. She and her family barely managed to escape the city, arriving in Denmark before taking to a large column of refugee caravans roaming greater Europe looking for shelter from the Kaiju and Kaijin invasions. Despite her young age, Hilde quickly stepped up and joined the caravan’s defense force; but her inexperience grew anger in her heart directed at the Kaiju that had driven them to such hard lengths.

One day during a particularly rough Kaijin ambush, Hilde threw herself into a rage and fought the Kaijin tooth and nail. However, in her rage, she didn’t properly check her targets and injured her best friend who was also fighting at the time. Since that day Hilde refused to pick up a gun and rededicated herself to protecting the people that she cares about over exacting her fury out on the Kaijin. Once her family was safe, Hilde decided that her work was not done and she wanted to continue fighting; so she adopted the name Eir after the Norse goddess of healing, protection, and mercy.


Eir is a hearty Hero who possesses a wide range of talents to gather resources for your base, as well as the ability to protect them and fight those who would stand in the way. Eir is a Gathering specialized hero, who is adept at going out into the field and bringing back a veritable bounty of resources for you. Additionally, as a Tank hero, she excels when bringing tank troops onto the battlefield and improving both their and her skills as a Trickster.

Active Ability

Eir’s active ability Forsvarer Streik deals direct damage to the target and reduces their attack for a short time. This allows her troops to survive longer while also dealing damage to enemies.

Passive Abilities

Thanks to her time wandering the countryside of Europe, Eir has learned to gather what she needs to survive. This is encapsulated in her first passive ability is A Hard Road, which increases all of her troops’ gathering speed and their gathering load.

Eir’s second passive ability is Shieldmaiden’s Strike, which increases the damage of her troops’ skills. This can allow the troops that you’ve upgraded to shine through when they are led by Eir.

Finally, Eir’s last passive is Rending Axes, which gives all her normal attacks a small percentage chance to decrease the target’s defense for a short time. With this skill, Eir helps act as a breaker for tough enemy defensive lines while also being tanky herself.

Expertise Ability

And last but not least, her expertise skill is Grace of the Valkyrie which increases the damage of Shieldmaiden’s Strike even further.

Stay tuned next week to get an even closer look at Eir’s history, the world of Project Athena, and how our characters here at Warducks come to life!

Concept: Original Force
3D Model: Luis
Rig & Animations: Danile & Kary

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