Fionn – Hero Reveal

Introducing the Legendary Tank, Fionn!

We’re excited to finally give you 2022’s first sneak peek at a Project Athena Hero. Introducing, the game’s first Irish Hero, helping represent the country that Warducks is proud to call home, Brian “Fionn” O’Connor the Legendary Tank.

As always please keep in mind this is all from a working build, abilities, names, and visuals are subject to change before launch.


Brian hails from Limerick city in county Limerick where he was known to many as a cheerful and helpful child who always wanted to help out those in need. When it was time for secondary schooling he moved to Dublin and attended Dublin City University. He pursued a double major in both electrical and computer engineering, as well as mechanical and manufacturing engineering, and graduated in 2020. His thesis was a groundbreaking discovery about Tesla coils, and a new application of them that helped assist organic growth and recovery. Immediately he returned home to take up work as a researcher at a local laboratory continuing the research of his thesis to develop what he hoped would be the next step in healing the ill and keeping people healthy.

However, when the Kaiju Comet came to earth in 2023, despite Ireland remaining relatively unimpacted for quite a while into the Kaiju War, Brian set about continuing the goal of his research: helping humanity. The only thing that had changed, was the means by which he was going to help. So he set about converting his Tesla coil research from not just a way to heal but a way to harm as well. His research bore fruit in the form of the Pentecost Tesla Cannon, a high-tech weapon that not only boasted a searing beam of electricity to fell Kaiju but could also bolster the human troops that the weapon was used around to give them a better fighting chance.

With his weapon complete, it came time to put it over and into action, Brian O’Connor didn’t feel right staying behind in relative safety. He wasn’t content to put the hard work of actually using the weapon in another’s hands. Instead, he took the first plane he could out of Ireland and to the frontlines, taking up the code name “Fionn” after the famous Irish folk hero Fionn mac Cumhaill or “Finn MacCool” to take the fight to the Kaiju.


Fionn is the Hero that you bring to your squad when you need to hold the line, you cannot give ground, and you cannot back down. As a Protector, he excels at leading base garrisons to repel any enemy attack no matter what they throw at him. Additionally, Fionn is particularly Tough, meaning that even outside of base garrisons he and his troops are particularly hard to take down. Combine that with the Tank troops that he leads, and any squad with this Hero at the head will be a hefty challenge for any Kaiju to take down.

Active Ability

Fionn uses his Pentecost Tesla Cannon for his active ability. The cannon deals direct damage to a single target, and channels the growth properties of the gun to heal some of the wounds of his squad.

Passive Abilities

Squads that Fionn commands possess the Strength of the Tuatha. If his squad contains only Tank troops, every single troop receives an increase in health and defense.

Fionn’s squads always vow to Stand Your Ground when facing an opponent. When Fionn’s squad is leading the garrison of your base or a stronghold, the squad gains increased attack and reduces incoming skill damage taken.

Finally, Díoltas gives all troops led by Fionn a counterattack for punishing damage.

Expertise Ability

When Fionn’s Expertise Ability, Atlantic Storm is unlocked, it gives a further bonus to the Pentecost Tesla Cannon’s healing and damage factors.

We hope you’re keeping tabs with us through 2022 as we move towards Project Athena’s release.

Concept: Original Force
3D Model: Luis
Rig & Animations: Oscar

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