El Mazo – Hero Reveal

Introducing the Epic Soldier, El Mazo!

We’re excited to reveal the next Hero to join Project Athena’s roster of colorful characters! This time, he hails from Mexico. In English, his name means the hammer!

As always please keep in mind this is all from a working build, abilities, names, and visuals are subject to change before launch.

El Mazo, the most recent hero to join Project Athena’s roster. He’s not the sharpest hammer in the shed, but he’ll get the job done- if the coin is right.


When the Kaiju Comet came hurtling down towards Earth, Martin Mendoza was only 15. In the ensuing chaos and Kaijin attacks on his small hometown in the state of Veracruz in Mexico, he lost his parents and was left wandering the war-torn streets alone. However, Martin was always quick on his feet and not a bad fighter to boot, and barely managed to escape the chaos with his life. He managed to survive in a world of chaos by using his strength, determination, and whatever weapons he could find. Eventually, he found his way into a growing group of muscle for hire, a mercenary squad that roamed Mexico taking whatever jobs they could from whoever had the money to pay for it.

During his time with this company, Martin earned the nickname “El Mazo” or “The Hammer” during a robbery of a high-tech weapons facility. After they had secured the objective and were on their way out, Martin saw a prototype weapon in the form of a giant hammer. Despite protests, he couldn’t be dissuaded as he sounded the alarms in order to get at the hammer and barely escaped intact. Now, that hammer is the only weapon he uses as it’s not too complicated and is very straightforward, just the way he likes it.

Eventually, El Mazo felt like he had outgrown the mercenary company, and struck out on his own as a solo gig. During this time he received a particular job to hold an old mission turned small town from a horde of Kaijin that was bearing down on it. Despite it just being himself and six other fighters, they managed to hold off the massive force and keep the people safe. After that El Mazo turned his hammer against the Kaijin in earnest, he’ll tell you it’s only because the coin was good… but those that were in that small town he saved will tell you how they were unable to pay him a single peso for the job.


El Mazo is first and foremost a Soldier, fast on foot, and able to provide a range of options against whatever foes you find yourself up against. This also means that he is adept at leading soldier troops into battle, and can provide specifically them buffs when in his squad. Beyond that, the many trials and contracts El Mazo has completed over the years have made him remarkably Resilient. This lets him bolster his own troops as well as other allies nearby. Finally, El Mazo excels as a Hunter, which makes him indispensable when attacking Kaiju or Kaijin.

Active Ability

What time is it? Its Hammer Time, this skill deals massive direct damage to nearby enemies and reduces the current target’s movement speed for a short time.

Passive Abilities

El Mazo’s first passive ability is Amar un pacho. This allows El Mazo to cause a scene by giving troops led by him increased damage against Kaijin, Kaiju, and other neutral units.

El Mazo has been doing this for a long time, and as such he is an Experienced Merc who grants himself and the other hero in his squad additional experience any time they would normally gain experience.

Finally, all troops under El Mazo’s command are Soldiers of Fortune, who gain increased movement speed and specifically soldier troops gain increased defense.

Expertise Ability

With expertise, El Mazo can employ the Mazo Smasher!, which grants a further bonus to the damage increase from Amar un pacho.

We’re hard at work over here at Warducks, we hope you stay with us as we move towards Project Athena’s release.

Concept: Original Force
3D Model: Luis
Rig & Animations: Oscar

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