Project: Athena V. 0.6.0 Patch Notes

Allied Front

Our latest update is here with V. 0.6.0 – Allied Front. This release introduces a lot of new social features into the game and begins laying the groundwork for our longer-term plan. Do keep in mind this is still a very early build, and we’re testing what you folks think of the features and the game as a whole.

As it is early, expect some bugginess, and your data to be wiped at some point. We’re also only available in the UK and Ireland as of right now, on Android devices only.

But please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our social channels to give feedback; there’s no better time than this early in the project to let your voices be heard. And without further ado, here are the patch notes!

New Features:

  • Alliances & Chat are here!
    • Alliances are large organizations in the game of fellow players. Work together to claim the map,
      • Create an Alliance, or join one for the first time for a 200 Kaiju Crystal bonus.
    • Chat with players both in your Alliance or all across the map. Make new friends, new enemies, or just chat about the game!
  • Player vs. Player
    • Take to the field with two squads and exchange in combat with another player!
      • Look forward to attacking player bases, and squads in resource-gathering nodes in later releases.
  • New & Expanded Map
    • Crawl all of Greater London from Stanstead to Gatwick, and beyond!
    • Players will now begin their journey scattered around the edges of the map.
      • In later builds players will need to work their way towards the center in order to find more resources and worthy enemies.
  • Map Search
    • Search for specific Kaijin levels or Gathering Noes using the expanded map search functionality.
    • Text telling you if you should win the fight against a Kaijin before the fight is now functional!
  • Improved Research Lab
    • Now actually see what you’re researching in the Research Lab, with many technologies being fully functional!
    • Electricity and Gold gathering nodes are now gated by research.
  • Visual Polish
    • Heroes Menu
      • New lighting and shader work give the heroes a fresh new look!
      • Fionn has an entirely new model and new animations!
      • Fixed a bug where El Mazo’s hammer got a bit too excited and spasmed about during his fidget animation.
      • Greatly reduced Devi’s strength so she doesn’t hurl H.E.R.B. up into oblivion during her fidget animation.
    • Troops now have their own images in the UI
      • Additionally, as troops level up they’ll have new helmets to better denote their increased power.
  • Expanded Audio
    • Now with 2 background audio tracks, and more sound effects than you can shake a stick at!
    • You can now choose to mute SFX, music, or both in the player profile menu.
  • Various UI Improvements
    • Toast messages are now faster and will auto-scroll better for an easier player experience.
    • Skills now have advanced tooltips to tell you exactly what you’re looking at.
    • New Icons everywhere, with more to come!
    • Kaijin now have portraits.
    • Extra pointing-hands when certain actions are taken like “Show Me” buttons and more.
    • Red dots for Heroes HUD when an improvement is available.
    • New Splash Screen, and different splashes when loading between different areas of the game.
    • & more!
  • Player Profiles & Avatar Selection
    • Now check out details about your profile, rename yourself, and more on the player profile screen. Access it by tapping your portrait in the upper left-hand corner.
    • You can now also select an avatar from among 9 different options!
      • 4 Male, 3 Female, & 2 Non-Binary options are available!

Bug Fixes & Various Improvements

  • Kaijin up to level 25 are now available and searchable on the map
    • However, missions should no longer require you to slay levels of Kaijin that are not available currently
  • Splash screens and character images during the tutorial should load faster and cause less interruption
  • Additional local notifications
  • Additional mail types and reports
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some squads to disappear when marching and return at an unspecified time later.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Show Me” button on defeating Kaijin to not be functional
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to not load in past the splash screen
  • Fixed an issue that caused some boosts to not display properly on the HUD
  • Fixed an issue that caused the text on the “High Voltage” mission to not display
  • Optimized the Hero screen to load much quicker
  • Optimized the introduction cinematic to load much faster
  • Fixed an issue that caused the item shop to not close when tapping the x
  • Fixed an issue that caused some buttons to become uninteractive
  • Fixed an issue that caused Onryo to do his fidget animation while on the map
  • Fixed an issue that made some heroes show up as N2 on the map, even though they aren’t N2
  • Various improvements and fixes to the tutorial
  • Bulk usage of speedups should now not cause you to overspend or waste your speedups
  • Fixed an issue that caused a squad to not be removed from the HUD when it returned to base and disbanded
  • Improved the tap-ability of multiple sliders and buttons throughout the game
  • Fixed an issue causing some string ID’s to show up on tooltips rather than the actual text

Known Issues

  • Hopping between networks, or network instability can cause buttons to become unresponsive.
    • Workaround: A hard reset (closing the app, killing it and reopening) should fix you.
    • How to prevent: Make sure your network connections are stable and try not to play on the edge of your wireless radius or play in a place that will cause you to switch networks often.

Head over to our Discord to tell us what you think, & talk to other players of Project: Athena.