Fionn Reborn

Re-introducing the Legendary Tank, Fionn!

It has been a while since we have covered any news regarding our Heroes, so today we are bringing up something very special. In the past, we revealed one of our Legendary Heroes, Fionn, however, we received some feedback that he didn’t quite live up to the fantasy we were trying to create with him. He didn’t come across as an amazing Legendary Hero standing against the Kaiju, and more just as a guy with a shield.

Since then we went back to the drawing board with his visual design to really drive home this heavy tank, front-line fighter fantasy, and a redesign to represent his gameplay and story was required. And simply to make him feel like the rarity that he was- LEGENDARY. We’ve been working with some of you in our focus group and we very much appreciate the feedback and direction you were able to provide to us. So, without further ado, we are thrilled to show you the new and improved Fionn!

Fionn, the Legendary Tank Hero in Edge of Earth.
A deeper dive into Fionn’s new concept, including breakdowns of textures and his weapon.

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