Devi – Hero Reveal

Introducing the Rare Ranged hero, Devi!

It has been a while since we’ve given you all a sneak peek at our Heros in Edge of Earth.  And the more clever of you may have seen her teased already on our Discord via emojis, but we’re happy to introduce our newest hero: Ishwari Arayan, callsign “Devi” the Rare Ranged hero.

As always please keep in mind this is all from a working build, abilities, names, and visuals are subject to change before launch.

Devi brings her drone, H.E.R.B. to the battlefield with her in Edge of Earth.


Ishwari hails from the municipality of Uttarkashi, a small town in the Himachal Pradesh state in northern India. As she grew up, she learned of two very startlingly opposed worlds from her parents. From her Mother, she learned about the wealth of unique herbs and flora in and around her home. Spending many days out on the slopes of mountains, or deep in forests learning the ways of the land of her birth. From her Father, she learned about the wonders of new technological advancements, as well as electrical and mechanical engineering. She spent the rest of her time in their small workshop in their backyard, tinkering away at some new invention or creation with her Father when he returned from work.

Leveraging her skills as a Botanist, she worked towards creating her first masterwork, a unique combination of local plants to create an incredibly potent curative that could be dispersed by airborne means. Then, leveraging her skills as an Engineer she created a drone to deliver that medicine on the battlefield when troops would need it the most. She called this creation H.E.R.B. or the “Hovering Entity (for) Remedy Bestowal”, and immediately began putting it to use. Although Uttarkashi is sheltered enough by the mountains to be mostly free of Kaijin and Kaiju attacks, she immediately set out to join the fight and save the earth. Now it’s your turn to use her in your army, to lead your troops to victory and a wealth of natural resources to fuel your growth to power!


Devi is one of the first heroes that you will encounter on your journey in Edge of Earth, and will be invaluable to your early success in the game. She is an incredibly intelligent hero that uses her drone to fight at Range, keeping enemies at a distance. With her also being incredibly Resilient, she can weather the storm that Kaiju and other players will bring upon you early on in the game. Finally, with her being a Gatherer, you should aim to send her out to bring resources back to your base in order to fuel your growth to success.

Active Ability

Devi created the H.E.R.B. Drone, or the Hovering Entity (for) Remedy Bestowal, and uses it in combat as her active ability. H.E.R.B. will heal a portion of the troops with light wounds in her squad. While this won’t necessarily save you on hospital costs and time, it will keep them in and fighting the enemy for longer.

Passive Abilities

When gathering, Devi utilizes her Botanic Wisdom to grant troops led by her increased gathering speed for Food, Metal, & Electricity. This will allow you to reap all of the map’s benefits to accelerate your growth.

Thanks to Devi’s vast experience as an Outdoorsmen, troops that are led by her also have an increased load for gathering resources. When combined with Botanic Wisdom, Devi is the hero you need to bring when you need resources.

Finally, as a lot of her abilities are focused on non-combat power, sometimes it’s important to make a tactical retreat or Saamarik Vaapasee. This ability activates when her squad is at less than 60% troops, and it grants the entire squad increased movement speed to get back to base and stay safe more easily.

Expertise Ability

As Devi is a Rare hero, she does not have an expertise ability available to her.

You can find Devi immediately after beginning your journey in Edge of Earth. We hope you look forward to bringing her in your squad!

Concept: Original Force
3D Model: Luis
Rig & Animations: Vivi

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