WarDucks aims to be a leading developer in the virtual reality market. With one of the most talented teams in the industry, they are releasing fun and immersive games across various leading VR platforms. Founded by former Facebook employee, Nikki Lannen, WarDucks continues to deliver with multiple succesful titles under their belt. Their first two virtual reality titles, Sneaky Bears and its sequel Sneaky Bears Rollercoaster, were launched on Samsung Gear VR, and they ranked respectively at 24th and 2nd in the Top Grossing charts on this platform


Nikki Lannen


Nikki Lannen is a leader in the Virtual Reality space in Ireland. She runs the IRISH VR MeetUp which takes place every 2 months and she also set up the VIrtual Reality Ireland Facebook group. Her games experience comes through her time at Facebook, where she spent almost 5 years. She was a founding member of the Facebook games team there and worked closely with C level executives from the top games businesses in EMEA.

James Kenny

Art Director

James has extensive experience in the Film, Game and Television industries as both a 3d and 2d Artist, as a designer, an Art Director and Technical Director in both Ireland and the UK. He worked on the Oscar winning Jungle Book movie. He also worked as a lead concept artist on Lara Croft​ ​Tomb Raider​: Anniversary Edition and Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness PlayStation games. At WarDucks he leads the art team stylistically and technically.

Keith McCormac


Keith is one of the founding members of WarDucks. Keith has over five years game development experience having previously founded Glass Robot game studio. He has worked on a broad range of platforms including mobile, web, console and PC. He has worked on everything from game design, development, and writing during this time at WarDucks. While his title may be “Developer” he is most definitely not confined to this area and has developed all round experience.

Darren McKeever


Darren joined the team at the very beginning of the WarDucks journey after graduating from Dublin Institute of Technology in Computer Science. He then founded Glass Robot Studio’s alongside Keith and worked there as CTO. He is a game developer who specializes in C#, Javascript, and Unity.

Guilhermo von Scharten Heldt


Brazilian native, Guilhermo has over 10 years of game development experience. His web game, Blockage, has over 10 million plays across many sites. While he came to Ireland to study English, he has since made Ireland and WarDucks his permanent home. He uses his expansive game development knowledge to work across all aspects of development to make ideas reality within virtual reality.

Daniel Sheridan


Daniel is an animator who studied at Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE). He has experience in a wide array of software including Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and TVPaint
as well as Photoshop, After Effects, and Toonboom Harmony. All of our character’s animations were created by Daniel, his favourite from Sneaky Bears being the pandas’ special dance.

Mario Sena


With a Masters in Architecture and a HND-Animation 2D/3D certification, Mario has a very high skill set within 3D art. He came from Portugal to intern at WarDucks. His great work resulted in him becoming a full time member of the team. Mario has created many of the lead assets across WarDucks’ titles and continues to contribute high quality art.

Dom McMahon


Dom has extensive experience in both the Game and VFX industries, having worked in various roles encompassing 2D art, 3D art and Graphic Design. He has worked on a number of hugely successful 2D games and is fascinated by the potential of VR.

Molly Ronan

Office Manager, PR, Marketing

With both American and Irish citizenship, Molly moved to Dublin in May 2016 after graduating from Babson College summa cum laude with a degree in business management. She has previously worked at Spotify, Split Works, and Rounder Records. Here she works on marketing, public relations, social media, accounts, and all other miscellaneous tasks except for actually making the games.


Morale K9 Officer

Fred’s charisma knows no bounds. His unparalleled leadership and optimism keeps everyone sane and motivated, for the humble salary of pats and biscuits. A WarDucks key employee.