Sneaky Bears

Frank, a twisted Teddy Bear Mastermind, has taken over a toy factory and has created an army of evil teddy bears to help with his quest to take over the world. Frank is sarcastic, cunning, and ruthless, and he has made his army of teddy bear minions in his own image. They may look cute, but they are anything but cuddly!

Available on PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive. Lighter iteration of the game game on Samsung Gear VR & Cardboard.

Sneaky Bears Roller Coaster

(Reached No.2 in Top Selling in Samsung Gear VR) The sneaky bears are back in an epic roller coaster experience. Sneaky Bears RollerCoaster caters for the needs of everyone. For those that aren’t normally a fan, there is a somewhat relaxed ride through the Sneaky Bears’ factory. People that like a bit more excitement can enjoy a quicker pace, while the adrenaline junkies can expect something totally insane.

Available on Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

Global Agents

Travel the world in this Facebook and mobile game as part of the Counter Terrorism Agency. Find objects to solve crimes and see if you can beat your friends. This game has had over 600k downloads worldwide.

Available on Facebook and iOS devices